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  • Acceptable Targets: Perverts, addicts, thieves, criminals, idiots on drugs and general assholes make up most of the body count. See also Karmic Death, which is increasing as the show continues.
  • Complete Monster: More than one victim go beyond mere assholery:
    • "Guns N' Noses": A ruthless African warlord who dies when he accidentally snorts brown-brown [1] laced with diamond dust.
    • "Chairway to Heaven": A deadbeat dad who abandoned his family so he and his buddy can have their own place to live -- even Ron Perlman says that he'd like to kill any man who does that to his wife and kids-- and eats it when he finds out the hard way that his Soviet fighter jet chair still has an active ejector seat mechanism.
    • "Rub-A-Dubbed-Out": The lowlife who stole groceries from a blind, pregnant woman and got impaled on a car wash jet spray that blew his skull open.
    • "Crate and Buried": The Sudan thieves who stole food supplies for refugees and then die when a food crate falls on them.
    • "WW1 And Done" The WW1 corpse-robber from Germany, who loots a British soldier's corpse that was booby-trapped with an explosive known as a Jam Tin grenade.
    • "Master E-Raced". The ex-Nazi officer who got shot in the head in 1945 -- and lived...until 50 years later, when he bumps his head while looking for milk in the fridge and dislodges the bullet in the head that should have killed him a long time ago.
  • Dude, Not Funny: People do get offended or horrified by this show.
  • Narm: While some of the deaths on this show are genuinely disturbing, some of them are so ridiculous that you can't help but laugh at them.
  • Paranoia Fuel: Though most of these deaths are caused by stupidity, the ones that aren't definitely qualify for this trope
    • Any of the deaths caused by asphyxiation or someone dying from an allergy that the victim was unaware he or she had (like the 32-year-old virgin whose first -- and last -- time was with a dominatrix who made him wear a latex gimp suit. The man died from a massive latex allergy and the dominatrix didn't realize that the man was dying because she mistook his groaning of pain as groans of pleasure or the bitchy redhead at a spa who died of being exposed to water when the spa's sprinkler alarm system went off).
    • The Congressman who died from a parasitic infection he acquired while having sex with a hot Brazilian.
    • The Japanese couple who died from a heart attack because neither had sex before (if you're a virgin, it might make you think twice before having sex)
    • The woman who died in her sleep because she kept dreaming about a dwarf strangling her.
    • One episode has a woman's cell phone explode in her hand (sending shrapnel into her inner ear and brain) because the battery was faulty. Think about that the next time your cell rings.
    • We already have enough to worry about from hornets, but now, there's the Asian giant hornet from the segment "Crappy Ending". Those things are friggin huge!
    • "Jack N' Croaked" recounts the death of the famous Jack Daniel; in short, he gets a nasty gash on his toe after trying to kick open his safe, which then becomes infected and he dies of sepsis two days later. That's right, something as seemingly benign as a cut can spell doom for you if you let it get infected. Granted, his death was over a hundred years ago, when medicine was far less advanced, but still...
    • "Nite Capped" features a man and his girlfriend coming home from a New Year's Eve party. Suddenly, an unknown bullet pierces through the man's chest, and enters his heart, stopping his circulation system and killing him without warning. As it turns out, another party was going on a few miles away, and one of the dazed guests at that party shot a handgun in the air to ring in the new year. The stray bullet ended up building enough velocity to ricochet and travel several miles away and cause the death. Needless to say, there are good reasons why shooting a gun in the air for any reason is considered a criminal offense.
  • Replacement Scrappy: The replacement of Ron Perlman as the show's narrator is not going over well with the fans and adding more to the Seasonal Rot of the series.
  • Seasonal Rot: To quote Fry from Futurama, "This show has been going downhill since season three". This isn't helped by the increased amounts of narm, the removal of the actual stories that could have ended in death but didn't (though they did bring back the trivia segments that were only seen in the pilot episode), the lower production budget, and the cartoonish personalities of the characters involved.
  • Special Effects Failure:
    • Sometimes, it's painfully obvious when a mannequin has been substituted in during a death scene.
    • "Turtle Waxed" (the story of the poacher who died when an eagle dropped a turtle on his head) took it to another level. Better effects have been seen on cable access.
    • "Snakenstein" (The one with the doctor bringing a snake back from the dead) you can tell the wolf head used was clearly a cheap animatronic.
    • The meat truck in "Meat Your Maker" is clearly not a meat truck on the outside--it lacks the cooling apparatus all refrigerated trucks have, so it is just a drywall van with a Palette Swap. Compare this GMC refrigerated van with this GMC drywall van [dead link].
  • Squick:
    • "Bessie" from "Heart On", Episode 12. Such a disturbing (and nauseating) combination of bestiality and necrophilia.
    • The girl's breasts exploding in "Titty Titty Bang Bang."
    • And Pukey Suki the emetophiliac.
  • Unfortunate Implications: Quite a few of the stories on the show have them.
    • The show is, essentially, simulated snuff TV, like those Faces of Death films. The hyper-sexualization of the female victims is shamelessly creepy.
    • The show's habit of mocking people with unusual fetishes (some of whom did little wrong outside of being "deviants") could definitely rub certain viewers the wrong way.
      • Case in point: The man who had a fetish for amputees. That's it. He didn't kick puppies or steal. He had sex with a girl with had a fake arm and fake eye. According to the narrator, this made him a freak who deserved his fate.
    • And the Strawman Political nature of some deaths comes off less like simple Ripped from the Headlines humor and more like a very unwelcome view of who the show's writers would like to see die, and how they'd like to see it happen.
    • Or a few of the deaths that seemed to come off as torture porn. The girl whose boobs exploded on the plane comes to mind...
    • The fact that many of the deaths happen in a way that the bystanders would either be scared for life or be the prime suspect in their death.
  1. cocaine mixed with nitroglycerine from gunpowder