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  • An in-story use against the grasshoppers: that type of bird is not nocturnal.
    • It could've been woken up by the disturbances near its nest.
      • But wouldn't said bird just go back to sleep instead of charging down at whatever woke it up?
      • Maybe it fancied a snack.
      • Or more correctly, its kids did.
      • If something woke you up, wouldn't you decide to get rid of it somehow before trying to go back to sleep so it couldn't wake you up again? Her feeding it to her chicks was a way of doing this while keeping them fed.
    • Hopper doesn't strike me as the sort to bother learning that.
  • Would it not have made more sense to use centipedes (which are notoriously fast) as P.T. Flea's "horse" and the much-more-legged millipedes as massage therapists, as opposed to the reverse?
    • Rule of Funny and many people cannot tell them apart at a glance.