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  • From episode 2:

Postman: We have an order for Ms Shirai Kuroko.
Mikoto: What's the contents?
Postman: "Computer parts."
Kuroko: (Aside to audience) Phew, thank goodness these companies are always discreet about their products.
Mikoto: Who sent it?
Postman: "Love Potions and Aphrodisiacs."
Kuroko: Why the hell did they bother to label it "computer parts" then!!

  • Kuroko's reaction to "finding out" the curse of the Undressing Woman is infectious.
  • Pretty much any scene with Kuroko that, in some way, involves Mikoto.
  • Anything in Episode 4 that involves Mikoto and Touma.
  • Uiharu feeling so happy and in ecstasy of experiencing her dream of what it's like to be a Tokiwadai student during the mid-summer festival... until Saten decides to wake her up back to reality by flipping her skirt!
  • Kuroko getting mad at Kiyama for undressing in public at the cafe. What makes it funny is that Kuroko is talking about herself on how "Women with skewed sexual interests" gets interested in seeing Kiyama's naked body. In the manga Saten also joins her saying that no women should show her panties. While Misaka and Uiharu looked on.
  • Episode 3 has several very funny bits: The reveal of what the villain has been doing to the girls she is attacking ("I have photographs, but it's not pretty. If you're going to look, prepare yourself."), the villian attempting to use the stun-gun on Mikoto, and the villain's Motive Rant.
    • Railgun. Episode 13. Monolith. 'Nuff said.
  • Kuroko's witnessing Mikoto and Saten totally innocent Indirect Kisses and failing to get one herself resulting in her banging her head on the floor
  • The Reveal of the teacher in episode 14. Sensei-chan is a quite appropriate description.