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  • Complete Monster: The Clan Stackers are mean bastards, but the RED Soldier definitely takes the cake.
  • Fridge Brilliance: Meatloaf (or rather the BLU Spy disguised as Meatloaf) makes a comment when he apparently rejoins RED. What he says is "Better RED than DEAD!". This may just first appear to be an allusion that he'd rather stay with RED Team than die on BLU Team. But then you remember: the Heavy is Russian, and therefore communist. Communism was often associated with the color red, and Meatloaf's quote is a reversed version of a previous saying; "Better dead than red".
  • That One Story Branch: "Metal Gear Spy" is rather difficult for first time players. It may be one of the shorter story branches, but it is difficult to figure out when you should click the annotation at the first Pyro patrol area. Wait too long and the movie will automatically progress and fail you. Click to early or too late, and you'll fail too. If not for spoilers in the comments on that one particular story branch, people might end up getting stuck far more often.
    • Same goes for "The Last Airblaster". Figuring out the timing of when to fire the next rocket isn't an easy feat.
  • Tear Jerker: The BLU Soldier's sacrifice.

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