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All The Tropes is a wiki where we discuss the trends and patterns in all forms of media, that we call Tropes. We're a place to hang out and chat about the television shows you love, a place to discover new movies to watch, and a place to offer literary criticism and analysis of pop culture. And we're happy that you want to be a part of our community.

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  • Terms of Service -- What you agree to by editing this site.
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  • Policy for Wiki Staff -- Rules aren't just for editors.
  • Privacy Policy -- Rules that govern our use of your personal information. Available on the Miraheze Meta wiki, our site overlords.
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  • FAQ for Creators -- Creators of works have a special relationship with their work
  • Language policy: Default language for submitting examples and for reading All The Tropes and its affiliates.
  • Forum Policy - Policy for using our on wiki forum.
  • More stuff we need to move/import/rework from TVT administrivia

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