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  • "Edith's 50th Birthday": As Edith is about to get raped by the man who broke into her house, she panics when she realizes she left her cake in the oven. She and the rapist rush into the kitchen, Edith takes the burnt cake out, and slams it in the guy's face before running out of the house.
    • And in the second part of the episode, both Gloria and Edith get crowning moments. Gloria calls her mother out on why she refuses to testify against the rapist, getting increasingly angry before finally screaming, "You're not my mother anymore!" Edith, in response, slaps her across the face, breaks down, and then confidently walks towards the front door.

"Come on, Archie."


  • STIFLE! - Edith Bunker

  • "Archie and the KKK". An episode in which Archie is invited to join a meeting of the local chapter of a group which seems to share his political and social beliefs. Upon discovering that this group is, in fact, the local branch of the Ku Klux Klan, and that they intend to set a cross alight on Mike's lawn, he tries several gambits to get them to change their minds. Finally, he pulls out a card nobody would have ever seen coming from him:

Klansman 1: There's a whole lot of us, Bunker.
Archie: Well, lemme tell you, there's a whole lot of us.
Klansman 1: Us who?
Archie: Us blacks!
Klansman 2: Whaddaya talkin' about?
Archie: I'm talkin' about my gall bladder operation last year, when I had to take one of them transflusions there, they put me full of blood!
Klansman 2: What blood?
Archie: Black blood, buddy! A whole lot of it! I think, enough to fill up a six-pack!
Klansman 1: So that's what's wrong with ya.
Archie: Nothin' wrong with me, hey, I notice I sing and dance better! But, the main thing that does to me, see, that gives me the right to call out a whole gang of my black blood brothers, to come with me and back me up, see? And if we catch youse guys burnin' any crosses, we're gonna come up here, and we're gonna bust your honky heinies!


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