Azure Dreams/Heartwarming

  • Seeing Nico actually tear up when she learns about Guy and Beldo, and worries about your safety in the monster tower.
  • Seeing Cherrl outside and able to walk after being sick for so long just because your friendship motivates her so much, and then standing up to Ghosh when he insults Koh, and passing out due to the stress and exhaustion just to help Koh out.
  • The part where Mia comes out of her shell and realizes how beautiful she truly is.
  • The best ending qualifies for this. It's a shame you can only see it once per save file.
  • When you forgive Kewne for betraying you at first when you discover he's a pawn of Beldo at the end. There's a happy sprite afterwards showing just how happy he is, and it shows him nuzzling against you after he happily yells Koh's name.

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