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I appreciate that this website has less administrator bias and encourages more internal debate, which is certainly a good first step, but can I suggest a few things? First, this site could possibly do with some sourcing guides. Not everything should be strictly sourced like Wikipedia, but if a troper were to make a bold factual statement, some links to what exactly they’re referencing might be nice. Just something to consider there. Also, maybe this site would benefit from having a stronger unique identity to set it apart from the competition, because from what I’ve learned, a lot of the articles here seem exactly like the versions on TV Tropes. I think separating All The Tropes from TV Tropes’ shadow would help a lot. Realistically, this site is never going to overtake TV Tropes and otherwise it may always just be known as “that other trope wiki”.

But I think a huge improvement would be to do without the enormous copyright rules that completely hampers the site from progressing. I believe many people turned away from All The Tropes the instant they saw the rules about bringing stuff from TV Tropes (Even if TV Tropes is in some kind of legally murky territory), or even the limitations on posting images. I’m not asking you to abolish the rules completely, Geth, just maybe lax it. New people want to feel more at ease with putting content here.

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