Brink (video game)/Nightmare Fuel

Unlike heavy-handed Gaia's Vengeance films and games, Brink presents some disturbing imagery through its Apocalyptic Logs, using Fridge Horror. It isn't the actual damage done to the world - it's the realistic effect on humanity as it happened.

  • One audio log:

Security Corporal James MacLeod: You cannot imagine... at least, I HOPE you cannot imagine the Panic when the seas rose. It wasn't... it wasn't like a great tsunami swept in carrying all before it. Just the tides got higher. The weather got more extreme. Droughts. Then floods. And storms, lots of storms, pushing waves inland and up tidal estuaries. And then the freshwater table started getting contaminated with the seawater. And then crops began to fail. Not all at once, it wasn't like Sunday it was fine and Monday nothing grew. It took a while. But eventually, after a few years of this creeping... creeping Change... everyone realized that it wasn't going to change BACK, you know? Things were changing for good. For keeps, that is, not for the better. Certainly not for the better.

    • Another audio log details somewhat Dramatic Irony, in a bid to evade the disaster, massive camps worth of 'pale people' fled to Africa and tried to survive there with the help of the people who have been living in terrible conditions for their entire lives.
  • The result of the Resistance winning the match on the reactor level ends with Chen being shocked to learn that the Resistance didn't catch his bluff of melting the reactor and angrily yells at them for having killed everyone. When the match results screen shows up, the Ark is covered in radiation.
    • It's actually really depressing. It could have been avoided if Chen told them they were just lying and that it all was just a threat. And your character that you've grown attached to, or worse, even modeled after you, has now been killed/will be killed from radiation. The interesting thing is: if you're Security and you lose this map (this is the last level for Security, Day 8: Fallout), this actually happens. If you're a Resistance, this is just a what-if for you (What If: Critical Reaction), so your character has no risk of death.