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Building 12 was an earlier webcomic by Misfile creator Chris Hazelton. It was an embellished webcomic about a group of misfits dealing with the Fantasy Kitchen Sink at their college. It ran for nine issues of about 25-30 comics each.

It can be found here.

Building 12 has examples of the following tropes:

Sarah: Why is a zombie staring at my rack?

Craze: Why are we running, Sarah? We've fought WAY worse than these pathetic tentacles today!
Sarah: Yeah, well I've seen too many anime to stick around when tentacles appear. If you had a second "X" chromosome, you'd be running too.

  • The Gunslinger: Craze, who's absolutely nuts about guns.
  • I Can Explain: Craze, after Tia shows up when his sister comes to visit. This doesn't help:

Craze?s Sister: I hope this girl's at least eighteen years old or mom and dad will have a fit.
Tia: Eighteen years old? No way! I'm not NEARLY THAT old yet!