Comedic Underwear Exposure

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Not even Kamen Riders are immune to this trope.
"I see London! I see France! I see [Insert Name Here]'s underpants!"

Classic underwear reveal, usually accidental, and tends to be accompanied by the above rhyme in film. Generally involves Stock Underwear, especially Goofy Print Underwear. This trope is usually for comedic intent, catching a character in their most embarrassing state - either without clothes over the underwear, or as a Panty Shot. There's also Cringe Comedy present, as the situation is usually awkward.

Can be prevented by Going Commando, but then you'll have another kind of exposure to worry about.

Examples of Comedic Underwear Exposure include:

Anime and Manga

  • Momiji in Blue Seed suffers from this with such monotonous regularity that the other members of the TAC team pretty much assume it's going to happen and the only suspense involved is in her choice of Goofy Print Underwear that day.
  • The first time the Light Music Club performed at a school festival in K-On!, Mio tripped over a speaker cable and ended up showing the entire audience her panties. In the manga, the reader gets to see them, too; in the anime, the scene is shown from a different angle, but somebody in the audience takes a photo. The trope is played with in that it's comedic at the time, but leads to Mio having some emotional issues for the remainder of her time in high school.

Live-Action TV


Video Games

  • In the Allied Ending to Command and Conquer: Red Alert 2, this happens to Premier Romanov when Tanya captures him, and he's shown to wear some rather silly hammer and sickle printed boxers.
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