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    • Demonic Spiders: Knife Mooks in higher levels, due to the increased reaction time required. It's easy if you know beforehand, but still.
    • Fridge Logic: You Are Ghost Squad! Leave No Traces Behind! (Warranty note: Extensive casualties, environmental damage, and even several EXPLODING vehicles do not count as a trace).
    • Game Breaker: The TR14 and SPR11, for their ludicrous penetration that makes killing enemies a cinch. Potentially also the CPG7 Uzi Sub-Machinegun, which, while having a lesser amount of ammo, has a quicker reload time and an equally powerful penetration rating.
    • It's Short, So It Sucks: Many players' reactions, particularly to the Wii version. The game offers 20 variants of each of the game's 3 missions, but no one cares.
    • Narm: On Mission 3's mine-defusing segment, your CO helpfully warns you that "THE MINE WILL EXPLODE WHEN THE TIME BECOMES 0!"
      • Don't forget the part where the frickin' president of the USA gives you an high-five after you rescue him.
    • Narm Charm - Zimone's VA should be given a medal for clearly not taking his role seriously.