His Lie in April

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Shigatsu no Kare no Uso, otherwise called His Lie in April, is a YourLieInApril Template:Alternate Universe fic, written by Johnny Garfield.

It is available on [1].

!Warning: Unavoidable Your Lie in April Template:Late Arrival Spoilers follow!

For Kousei Arima, he was a young pianist stuck in his own bubble, and he only sees in monotone. But then, a blond-haired violinist shows up in his life, and his whole world brightens. But then, he gets into a string of accidents that puts his fate in jeopardy.

!!This fanfic contains examples of the following:

Tropes used in His Lie in April include:
  • Bittersweet Ending: For all of this story's darkness, it does end on a high note, as even though Kousei ended his life, 20 years later, it shows that Kaori endured and pulled through with Kousei's father, Takahiko, remarrying and Kaori marries Takahiko's stepson; they also have a son named Hikaru.
  • Canada, Eh?:
    • Kaori becomes a fan of the Canadian Football League's Saskatchewan Roughriders, which was instilled by a new character, her uncle Seiya, who happens to live and work in Canada.
    • Furthering the Canadian references, Kaori eats at a restaurant called Murphy Fries which serves the Canadian dish called poutine.
  • Distant Finale: 20 years after the original events, Kaori marries Kousei's stepbrother, and she becomes a successful violinist.
  • Driven to Suicide:
    • After enduring three episodes of head trauma, and after his successful surgery (that, however, left him in a worse off state than before), Kousei decides that his life is no longer worth living and he ends his life via overdose, making this decision after he sees the ghost of his mother Saki telling him that she is waiting for him
    • After her friend commits suicide, Kaori realizes that her whole life is in a major state of shambles, and decides to end her life by overdosing, like Kousei did. However, her friends and her parents intervene to stop her.
    • A new character, Keiko Tamura, tries to jump off a bridge after hearing the news of Kousei's death. She too is stopped by her own parents and a few police officers.
  • My God, What Have I Done?: After realizing that trying to end her own life would have been a cowardly way to go out, Kaori breaks down emotionally, as she is NOT terminally ill unlike the original story.
  • Shirtless Scene:
    • Notably, Kousei is accidentally seen naked (but only from the waist-up) in his residence by his three friends after a bath in which he accidentally sleeps in his tub, which prompts him to throw every toiletry he can, to which he admonishes them by calling them The Three Stooges after Kaori, Watari and Tsubaki go out for some donuts and coffee.
    • On top of this, most hospital scenes that Kousei is involved in has him shirtless.