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    • From Episode One, the initial skirmish with Voshkod 6: Jonah takes out the two cars following him & Koko, while Valmet jumps into an armored van and slaughters the special forces troops with her knife. Reinforcements appear and fire a Javelin antitank missile at Koko's car. Jonah manages to confuse the seeker, sending the missile off-course, and then drops the Javelin gunner as he fires a second missile, causing the Javelin launcher to slip from his fingers into the Humvee and blow it up.
      • Koko's negotiation with Kroshkin, where she has her team eliminate the snipers protecting him so that Jonah can take him out, all the while pretending to be a harmless girl.
    • Koko outsmarts Major Pollack during an arms shipment operation when she "promises" to get the needed goods.
    • The team (except Valmet) having a contest to see how far they can hurl Jonah while having a break in the Adriatic Sea.
    • Volume 5 has the team take out a SAM battery with an artillery shell packed with flechettes... and fired from the back of their cargo plane.
    • Koko shows just how much pull she has and how bad an idea it is to piss her off when she calls a B-52 and a full bay of bombs down on the heads of the remaining members of a team that killed a member of her squad.