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Mike Judge is an (Ecuador-born) American cartoonist and animator born in 1962. In his early years he founded the Spike and Mike animation film festival. During this time, he did a couple of shorts featuring a pair of idiotic teenage boys named Beavis and Butthead. The shorts became a hit with audiences and soon evolved into an animated series on MTV. The show was known for its over-the-top gags, juvenile humor, and controversy, and after 4 years on the air the show was cancelled. It also spawned a film, Beavis and Butthead Do America.

Judge moved on to a new animated series, King of the Hill, which is a show about a propane (and propane accessories) salesman Hank Hill and his friends and family. The show was known for being more realistic than most animated sitcoms; after 12 years of being on the air the show was cancelled. The series finale aired in Fall 2009.

His most recent series was The Goode Family, about a vegan family and their views on life. Critical and audience reaction was generally "meh," and it was canceled after one season. In each of these shows Judge himself voiced each of the male leads and several side characters.

Aside from his animated shows he's also directed a few live action comedy films including Office Space (based on his animated "Milton" shorts), Idiocracy, and Extract. None of these films were successful at the box office, but the first two became Cult Classics.

Beavis and Butthead got a well-received Revival in 2011.