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  • The two Nanas in Nana fawn over each other on a regular basis, with one of them even claiming to feel excited like a young boy who experiences his first love. Of course, sharing a bed ever so often and one Nana kissing the other is a dead giveaway too. It never gets any resolution though, since both girls decide to stay in their (rather hopeless) heterosexual relationships.
    • They also take a bath together in episode 28.
    • Ai Yazawa is no CLAMP, but she obviously likes this trope. In Nana, there is also Misato, a fangirl with a thinly veiled crush on Nana Oosaki. Nana seems aware of it and even kisses her to thank her for her support (and expensive presents). Hell, the fangirls who wait for Nana outside every Blast show are predominantly female, and in one case they react rather jealously when Nana gives ultimate fangirl Misato a kiss. See it here.
      • In Paradise Kiss, (outed bisexual) George behaves in a ridiculously over the top Ho Yay-esque way with Seiji, a particularly Bishonen teacher, promting the heroine to wonder if they are more than friends.
      • Actually, it's heavily implied that they are more than friends: towards the end George admits that he has a boyfriend (aside from having Yukari as a girlfriend and being in love with Kaori), and Seiji knows suspiciously lot about George.
    • Also from Paradise Kiss, George deliberately plays up the Ho Yay around Arashi to irk him. And Yukari thinks that Miwako is "so cute, even I would kiss her". Miwako is apparently heterosexual, but that doesn't stop her from fawning over Yukari's beauty and touching her boobs when she's taking her measurements.
    • In the manga George also gets into Hiro's face, touching his chin and remarking on how good he looks in hakama... complete with seductive looks, sparkles and heart marks.