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These things about Rampage (film) are subjective - not everyone will agree with all of them.

  • Complete Monster: Bill shows no mercy or sympathy for his victims and sticks to his principles. His principles being to relentlessly and ruthlessly kill a large amount of people to decrease the strain of overpopulation (that isn't as big of an issue where he is, in current day), frame his only real friend for the entire ordeal, and make off with thousands of dollars to fund future rampages. The guy doesn't even pay for his sandwich!
  • He Really Can Direct: General consensus seems to be that this may be Uwe Boll's first good movie (as in, genuinely good, not So Bad It's Good), earning a 6.4 on IMDb.
  • Special Effects Failure: Generally averted, but the guns Bill is carrying have a tendency to change between shots - a gun that's obviously a MAC-10 in one scene has magically morphed into a Micro-Uzi the next scene and so on.
    • Maybe he has multiple guns?
    • There actually are no gun-switching goofs. One of the weapons Bill wields, a Ruger MP9, looks like a hybrid between a MAC-10 and Micro-Uzi. See for yourself, here.

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