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  • If a show in the WWE has a Spanish Announcers Table, rest assured that it will not survive the night. It was eventually lampshaded when the action neared the English-speaking commentators, and then one of them told the competitors that "The Spanish guys are over there."
  • For a long while in the WWE, every time the APA (Acolyte Protection Agency--Faarooq and JBL a.k.a. Bradshaw) tried to play cards, they ended up getting into a fight with someone, or something else somehow interrupted them. Eventually Bradshaw just yelped, "Can't we just finish one single game of cards?!
  • Any time someone entered their "office", Faarooq and Bradshaw would yell at them to "use the door" which was set up in the middle of an otherwise open space.
    • Speaking of Faarooq, aka Ron Simmons... DAMN
  • When Mick Foley released his first book, Have a Nice Day, it included 72 jokes at the expense of fellow wrestler Al Snow.
    • Foley got a bit of a comeuppance in Chris Jericho's second book, "Undisputed". Foley has never beaten Jericho in a match, a fact Jericho mentioned quite often. And speaking of Jericho...
  • Armbar!
  • U.S. Champ Dolph Ziggler constantly underestimates Zack Ryder whenever they face off against each other, yet Ryder ends up picking up the victory, whether thanks to Hugh Jackman, Mason Ryan, or even doing it on his own. Sure, Ziggler pinned Zack when the title was on the line (thanks to a Jack Swagger distraction, no less), but he's been pinned by the Long Island Iced Z every other time. Dude needs to get serious, bro.
  • If Natalya or Alicia Fox are ever wrestling each other, chances are one of them is going to get a chunk her weave ripped out.