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Tech report for 2022
UPDATE: For technical reasons, please disregard the comments about Flow, CommentStreams has been discovered to not be usable on talk pages. The parts relating to ElasticSearch are still valid. 2022 has begun for All The Tropes with a few things that have become quite apparent as issues for. . . more
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Sorry that I have to make a blog post instead of directly replying to your post on my talk page because something about Miraheze isn't working correctly on my end, admins...
...but regarding this edit that you admins rejected, that was just me copying over my own edits from TV Tropes that I personally wrote. Here's proof: I wish I could directly reply to your post on my talk. . . more
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Tabs and Tabber Best Practices Policy Page Proposal
All The Tropes provides both the Tabs and TabberNeue extensions to provide a tabbed interface for the illustration of site pages. Care has been taken to make sure they will be just as functional when viewing and contributing to the site on mobile devices as well as desktops. Regardless, below is a. . . more
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Tech blog for August 2021
We have recently enabled the AdvancedSearch extension, and it is unlikely Miraheze will support the CirrusSearch backend due to high resource requirements. Ergo, since we cannot set this in the ManageWiki settings, we should request the following be enabled: $wgAdvancedSearchDeepcatEnabled = false;. . . more
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Tech report on Gadget code features
The following active gadget code needs to be removed: 1. AjaxRC: Part of MediaWiki:Gadget-ATTsite.js. Refreshes RecentChanges automatically, redundant and useless due to changes in MediaWiki core that provide that feature natively with the Live updates toggle. (Note: This is optional, code still. . . more
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Proposal for new policy on Admin Feature Configuration
To prevent administrators and bureaucrats from making changes that could prove to be worse than what they attempt to fix or break what need not be broken while tinkering with the features Miraheze graciously provides us to monkey with the internals (outside of what requires their explicit. . . more
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Should Backstroke of the West be migrated?
from to here? HDev411 (talk) 11:46, 20 July 2021 (UTC). . . more
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Proposal for new policy on Bot accounts
Original post here: Posted here for universal ATT user comment here thanks to this suggestion: On July 13th, Gethbot (my. . . more
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I'm sorry if this seems like I'm complaining
I'm really sorry if it sounds like I'm complaining here, but I want to ask why my previous blog post didn't show up on the user blogs page. Did I do something wrong?. . . more
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I'm probably going to get in trouble for this.
I know this is the third blog post I've made, but I'm trying to see if this can work.. . . more
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Hi there! and question about editing
Hi! I'm Vice-Admiral Nautilator! I'm real happy to be here! Quick question: how long does it usually take for an edit to be reviewed?. . . more
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Hello! It is a newcomer named Uzakky. Thank you. --Uzakky(talk/wikiuserpage/mwpedia) 04:39, 22 February 2021 (UTC). . . more
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Help and new user.
Political figures allowed? Or just entertainment? Hrvcfr (talk) 04:20, 10 November 2020 (UTC). . . more
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What can I do?
Could I add political figures or just tv videogames etc? Thnx. Hrvcfr (talk) 04:19, 10 November 2020 (UTC). . . more
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Help with the mr. robot tv page
can someone help me complete the mr robot tv series page?. . . more
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Help with the mr. robot page
can someone help me complete the mr robot tv series page?. . . more
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Mr. Robot
"Hello Friend" — Elliot Alderson Mr. Robot is a drama-psychological thriller series created by Sam Esmail, starring Rami Malek and Christian Slater. Premiering on June 24, 2015 , it ran for four seasons and concluded with a two-hour finale on December 22, 2019 on USA Network. The series follows. . . more
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Talking plants
"When can I water my plant?" she asked innocently. The machine stayed still, scanning for an answer, Grit lit up in the eyes and on the small button on his head. Her parents were at work and she was all alone at home. While she waited she looked around, playing with her hair. "What is the name of. . . more
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Does anyone use this website other then me?
lol ive been a lurker for a long time without an account,but now that i have one is there anyone online/. . . more
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Image on the upper right gone
The image of All The Tropes is gone for some reason. Would anyone knows why?. . . more
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A post on a recent bit of drama involving Complete Monster pages and moderator infighting
I write this post reluctantly, but since this has caused an, if you'll forgive my language, utter shitstorm that has drowned everyone in feces, I'm gonna talk about the situation in general and give a solution as a party who would like it be resolved to the satisfaction of all parties. First,. . . more
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Dear Geth, I found ways that we can improve All The Tropes.
I appreciate that this website has less administrator bias and encourages more internal debate, which is certainly a good first step, but can I suggest a few things? First, this site could possibly do with some sourcing guides. Not everything should be strictly sourced like Wikipedia, but if a. . . more
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The Lion King . . more
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Not enough pages are up to date.
There’s still various pages on this website that are in desperate need of an update. For example, on the page for Reboot, there isn’t a single mention of Reboot: The Guardian Code at all. And Ninja the Mission Force seems to only have information on the first season.. . . more
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I can’t post anything.
I tried to post something about this website not getting enough support but can’t because of an “unknown error”. . . more
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