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    • Nightmare Fuel: Christopher's dream. To be precise, it is about a virus that spreads through certain facial expressions, spreading like a computer virus, and leaving alive only people like Chris that never look at others' faces.
      • The real horror about this scene is that Christopher considers this a good dream. He is so isolated from other people that the thought of all the people he doesn't understand (and who don't understand him) dying and leaving him alone in a quiet and unintrusive world actually makes him feel happy.
    • Tear Jerker
    • The Woobie: Christopher, of course.
      • And later, his father. Even though he did kill Wellington, just look at the man; his wife leaves him, leaving him to take care Christopher by himself. Later, Chris hates him for lying about Chris's mother, and doesn't talk to him for a long time, leaving his father to sit on the floor next to Chris's bedroom. This guy needs a hug for all he's been though.
        • And he'll probably never get that hug (at least not from Christopher, who hates touching/being touched.)
        • However, he knows enough about Christopher to recognise the extremely restrained gestures of affection he occasionally gives, and to him it is clearly an in-universe Crowning Moment of Heartwarming when Christopher actually does acknowledge his presence after everything that's happened.

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