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    Basic Trope: While rushing through a door, a character ends up accidentally hitting another character with the door.

    • Straight: Alice comes running through a door, accidentally hitting Bob with the door as she runs through.
    • Exaggerated: Alice slowly opens the door, gently tapping Bob, who flies across the room.
      • Alice kicks the door off its hinges, causing it to fly straight across the room and slam into Bob.
    • Downplayed: Alice jogs through the door, opening it slowly until the door stops next to Bob. Bob feels a slight nudge as Alice walks in, and the two greet each other.
    • Justified: Alice was deliberately trying to hurt Bob.
      • Or, alternatively, the characters are In Soviet Russia.
      • Alice is so focused on something right now (such as chasing a criminal) she only sees everything else as an obstacle and doesn't realize Bob was on the other side of the door.
    • Inverted: Bob slams the door.
    • Subverted: It looks as if Bob is about to get hit by the door when Alice comes running through, but he manages to step out of the way in time.
    • Double Subverted: Bob steps out of the way of the door, but then another door opens and hits him.
    • Parodied: ???
    • Deconstructed: ???
    • Reconstructed: ???
    • Zig Zagged: ???
    • Averted: Nobody gets hit by swinging doors.
    • Enforced: ???
    • Lampshaded: "Hey Bob, I just received a call from Alice saying she's on her way here." "Thanks for the warning, I'll step away from the door."
    • Invoked: ???
    • Defied: Bob always makes sure not to be standing too close to any door.
    • Discussed: "Ow! Why does that keep happening?"
    • Conversed: "Alice is coming, this oughta be good...Splat! Ha ha!"
    • Played For Laughs: The door-strike causes Amusing Injuries.
    • Played For Drama: The door-strike causes serious injuries.

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