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Literary analysis

Flyingcat (talkcontribs)

Apologies if this is in the wrong place or I'm beating a dead horse. I haven't been here in almost two years, and I've never used the forums.

I'm doing a college project on TV Tropes. It occurred to me while writing the rough draft that I really don't know much about it, so I decided I needed to do some research. I've seen it criticized for not providing proper literary analysis (e.g.), but I never thought of it as analysis at all -- I assumed it was just meant to classify the patterns called "tropes". When I looked into it further, though, it turned out that the reality wasn't that simple. From what I gather, it is meant to analyse tropes to an extent but is considered to do a poor job of it, or something like that. Given that, I'm wondering where All The Tropes stands on this. Is this site primarily for classification or analysis? Is the analysis found here comparable in quality to that found elsewhere? How do you differ from TV Tropes in this area?

I'm sure I should know all this already, but I don't. (The project is due tomorrow, so I'm not here to get help with it. I'm just curious.)

Looney Toons (talkcontribs)

Our intent has always been to focus more on Analysis than TVT had. Hence our very basic Mechanics of Writing section where we began a structuralist approach to the creation of fiction and the use of tropes. Sadly we are somewhat hampered by a much smaller userbase and the habits formed, even in those of us with other intentions, by a decade of TVT. Analysis is always much harder than cataloguing; the latter is simply pattern-matching, while the former requires considerable thought and the time to both analyze and to write about the result. The often inconsistent literacy of the average troper acts against us, as does the fact that most tropers have tended to be on the young side -- say, under thirty -- and thus probably lack sufficient experience in analysis to start with. Plus, while we can say what we'd like to see, we can't force anyone to write anything, so we get what people want to contribute. It makes it hard to direct the wiki as a whole in any particular direction.