Topic on Trope Workshop talk:Hating What You Are Good At

Title suggestions

Goo Monster (talkcontribs)

"current title may be a bit of a misnomer. They don't have to hate that what they are skilled at exists to qualify (although they can), they just have to hate doing it" So this title should be replaced or improved.

Goo Monster (talkcontribs)

One possibility that crossed my mind was inserting the word doing between hating and what, so: Hating Doing What You Are Good At

But that seems long and/or clunky.

Lequinni (talkcontribs)

I think that the current title, despite the possible misnomer, is perfectly good because it can be interpreted as "Hating to have the skills", "Hating to have the talent" and "Hating to having to do this thing for a living/for surviving", which can overlap but not necessarily so. Simple is better in titling, and we can always explain the trope in the description

Umbire the Phantom (talkcontribs)

I could think of something snappier but it'd probably be more esoteric in comparison... "Career Anchor"? Something to suggest that the issue is being "chained" to said occupation?