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Vorticity is one of the admins around this place. You can blame him for all of the errors that were made in importing from TV Tropes (Wiki).

Vorticity is a Southern Californian meteorologist. And no, it's not Always Sunny in California. He got his degree from California University, California, Eagle Land -- Arnold Schwarzenegger's signature is on his diploma.

His real name is Brent Laabs. A Google search suggests the name is unique... that whole list is his ridiculous exploits.

Vorticity got into this whole wiki editing in college, where the town has its very own wiki, Since he hates The Facebook, Davis Wiki still has his profile page.

His personal website is at

Favorite Works

Tropes that apply to Brent:

Version: 3.12
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PGP- t++ 5++ X++(-) R+>++ tv++ b+>+++ DI+ D+ G+ e++(*) h! r>++ y+*