Warrior Cats Dawn of the Clans

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Dawn of the Clans is the fifth arc of the popular Warrior Cats series, after the Omen of the Stars arc. Set to release in 2013, it tells the tale of the beginnings of the Warrior Clans, when the Warrior Code was unmade, and the Clan founders still ruled.

The first book, titled The Sun Trail, has been announced to feature point of views outside of the main Clan, ThunderClan. Little is known about the series so far, but updates will be forthcoming.

Tropes used in Warrior Cats Dawn of the Clans include:
  1. In Moonrise, two RiverClan cats got Point of Views, but they were on a journey away from the main Clans. In Night Whispers, a ShadowClan cat got a Point of View, but all four ThunderClan cats had more screentime than he did.
  2. Not counting the myths about LionClan, TigerClan, and LeopardClan, which are only myths after all.