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    • Witch Hunter: Where to begin? On the fellas' side, the most obvious perpetrator is Xing. He's a mad flirt and Chivalrous Pervert, said to dislike the company of any man but Tasha Godspell. Since his skirt-chasing is an Informed Attribute, the most on-screen flirting we get to see involves him hitting on Tasha. Words and Cooga are a less blatant example -- the character notes say they're inseparable, Words is particularly protective of Cooga, and Cooga respects Words more than he does Vihyunrang.
      • Palgeuk and Vihyunrang have amassed enough Foe Yay to warrant fanart.
      • On the ladies' side... pick a recurring female character who isn't Halloween. Chances are, she's been Ship Teased with another woman.
      • Also, Eclipse Shadenon and her teammate Alv Bronte.
      • As of chapter 36, witches South and Poine.
      • Also, North and Neptis.