"Join the Army," They Said/Quotes

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Oh sergeant, was this the adventure you meant,
When I put my name down on the line?
All your talk of computers, of sunshine and skis,

I'm asking you, sergeant, where's mine?

He said, "Son,
Have you seen the world?
Well, what would you say
If I said that you could?
Just carry this gun, you'll even get paid."

I said, "That sounds pretty good."
Hero of War

"'Join the army,' they said!
'See the world,' they said!

I'd rather be sailing."
Human Footman, Warcraft II
"I joined the army to see the galaxy, but all I got was eight-hour watches of listening to weird politicians making appointments to-"
Zavirk, Legacy of the Force: Sacrifice
Join the army! See the world! Meet interesting people! And shoot them.

We're in the Army now, We're not behind a plow
We'll never get rich digging a ditch

We're in the Army now.
Abe Lyemon and the Californians - We're in the Army Now
"'Join the Marines, see the galaxy.' Hell."
—Marine survivor on Nepmos, Mass Effect 1