"No. Just... No" Reaction

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    She's talking about kissing. Either that or Ako is vehemently opposed to family picnics.

    What a character says when something is wrong or stupid or Squicky enough.

    The usage tends to be:


    Alice: "So the Big Bad sees a mouse and dies of a heart attack. The heroes spend the second hour of the movie talking about The Power of Friendship."
    Bob: "Are you making this up?"
    Alice: "...and this is before the monkey princess Idol Singer and her dancing penguins show up..."
    Bob: "No. Just... no."




    Bob: "I've got it! The 128 dogs could live in OUR HOUSE for the week!"
    Alice: "No. Just... no."




    Bob: Discovers that Rule 34 applies to Sesame Street "No. Just... no."


    A step beyond "That's just wrong" or "That's wrong on so many levels." The step beyond that is a Visible Silence.

    See also Flat What, Dude, Not Funny, Sick and Wrong, This Is Wrong on So Many Levels. It can be followed, preceded or coupled with a Rapid-Fire "No".

    No real life examples, please; this trope is for In-Universe examples only. It is not to be potholed for anything tropers themselves find squicky.

    Examples of "No. Just... No" Reaction include:

    Anime and Manga


    Ako: No, no, no, that's not okay! That's just...not okay!


    Shinra: You know, they just might-
    Celty: [Shut up right now!]

      • On a more serious note, "No. Just no," are Mikado's exact words in vol. 6 when he learns that some of the Dollars have decided to strike back at Chikage by taking two of his girlfriends hostage.


    • During the production of 2012, Roland Emmerich's initial idea of showing the destruction of Mecca was met with this response by his fellow producers and writers, with one of them saying that he didn't want a fatwa issued against him. Emmerich would later point out the Double Standard inherent in this, as there wasn't any controversy over the destruction of Vatican City and the Cristo Redentor.
    • Lawrence's reaction to hearing the phrase "a case of the Mondays" in Office Space.

    Peter: When you come in to work on Monday and you're not feeling real well, does anyone ever say to you "Sounds like someone has a case of the Mondays"?
    Lawrence: No... (disgusted) No, man. Shit, no man! I believe you'd get your ass kicked saying something like that, man.



    • This review of John Ringo's Paladin of Shadows series coined the phrase "Oh John Ringo No!" for the numerous examples of what the author admits is an adolescent macho fantasy wank. The author shows up here.
      • The phrase even made it onto a t-shirt, with the profits from shirt sales going to the Helen Bamber Foundation, an organization that helps women who have been forced into prostitution...which happens quite a bit in the books of the series, by the titular character and the bad guys alike.
    • In the Warrior Cats series, Lionblaze thinks about his Clanmates and wonders if any of them might be siding with the Dark Forest. When he gets to Whitewing, his thought is "Never. Just.... never."

    Live Action TV

    • The phrase "Don't. Just...don't," is said by the Doctor whenever any of his companions try to put on an accent or speak in another style (the TARDIS translates for them, so there is no need). So far, he has said it to Rose, Martha and Donna.
    • In Scrubs, Turk says this when JD tries to call him Black Whale.
    • Said in iCarly about what to do if Kevin asks if you want to see his "onion ring".
    • This is strongly implied to be the reaction to Sheldon's suggestion of moving Jerusalem to Mexico to eliminate the conflicts between the Hebrews and the Palestinians in The Big Bang Theory. When first proposing it to the Dean, the Dean politely excuses himself with the North Korean exchange student, only to privately tell the student that Sheldon is insane. Later, when telling it to a Jewish professor, the professor tells him to go away, and when Sheldon suggests the idea to Howard Wolowitz, all Howard can do is give an aghast and silent reaction to Sheldon before he eventually nixes the idea.

    Video Games

    • In the iOS game Highborn, when a wizard suggests that Jessica the Gorgon might be pregnant, Trillian's reaction is "No! Don't you even suggest THAT!"

    Web Original

    • In SCP Foundation, the response of SCP-076 (Abel) at being given the mission to approach SCP-001 (Gate Guardian), apparently an angel (more specifically: One of the Cherubim set by God to watch over the entrance to the Garden of Eden). This answer was given before what the mission actually involved was revealed.
      • Also said word for word in response to 507's request to challenge 076 to fifty rounds of Tic-Tac-Toe
    • Homestar Runner has this reaction to Coach Z taking his cheer-up song in Decemberween Short Shorts as an invitation to come to his house for Decemberween.
      • In the Strong Bad Email "animal", Strong Bad tries to think up an imaginary animal version of himself, and one of his attempts is a gastropod-like creature called the "red-steckled elbermung". His response to a picture of the elbermung is "No, no, no!"
    • The Nostalgia Critic's review of Drop Dead Fred.
      • In his review of Rock-a-Doodle, he instantly shuts down the Villain Song on the grounds that "No song that starts with 'Tweedley-dee' can be any good".
    • Do not try to make Ian in Smosh watch Speed Racer America. He has the superpower to judge a movie by its cover.
    • Angry Joe's reaction when he learned The Nostalgia Critic roped him into another Zany Scheme in Suburban Knights.


    Western Animation

    • King of the Hill: Hank reacts this way to Bill's clothing, the uniform of the local baseball league.
    • The Simpsons did it in Season Eleven's "Beyond Blunderdome", featuring Mel Gibson As Himself. After Homer is the only person that criticises Gibson's newest movie (a remake of Mr. Smith Goes to Washington) in a test screening, Gibson, himself unhappy with the finished product, recruits Homer to make an edit that will appeal to the common man. Homer's suggestions are... not what Gibson was hoping for.

    Homer: Okay, here you need a musical montage where you try on lots of funny hats. It'll let us see your playful side!
    Gibson: No.
    Homer: Yeah bu--
    Gibson: Just no!


    The Flash: Still, we could always use more raw power, and Earth has a third Green Lantern, Guy Gardner--
    Hal Jordan and John Stewart: No!
    The Flash: But we could really--
    Hal Jordan and John Stewart: No!