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"Driven to madness by the incessant basketball-dribbling of a bunch of young African-American fellows, Slim has decided to destroy the public court on which their noisy pastime is played by simulating a meteor strike. Dear God, I wish I had made up a single word of that previous sentence."
Josh Fruhlinger of The Comics Curmudgeon, on Gasoline Alley
"So now I'm just gonna show you how the fight ends, and I promise you ahead of time, I didn't edit this, I didn't add any special effects, I did nothing to this footage. People were actually paid to create this. This aired on national television. This was sold in stores."
Spoony on the final fight scene from Highlander the Source[1]

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  1. He did make edits, but all they were was adding the music from The Benny Hill Show, as well as cutting out a brief scene where Duncan and the Guardian stop their fight to exchange banter.