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  • Considering the protagonist of "Trapped In The Drive-Thru" is more banal than zany, what's he doing driving a car while wearing bunny slippers?
    • Just in case.
    • Or he is so dull and lazy that he immediately puts on bunny slippers when he gets home and didn't feel like taking them off.
  • Angry White Boy Polka. I usually love his Polka medleys, but whose idea was it to include an Armenian band singing about Arab suicide bombers and a band of... uh... mixed ethnicity fronted by a Mexican covering an Afrika Bambaataa song namechecking civil rights leaders? Isn't that... a bit misleading? That's as unwhite as white rice covered by something very unwhite.
    • The point isn't the whiteness of the singers, its the whiteness of the fans.
    • It's worth pointing out that Al did this polka around the same time that he worked with Ben Folds on "Rockin' The Suburbs". Indeed, his own Ben Folds-assisted style parody is three songs later on the album.