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  • Al's parents died of carbon monoxide poisoning while he was touring. He learned about this right before performing. What did he do? He went and performed and said to his fans, "since my music had helped many of my fans through tough times, maybe it would work for me as well" and that it would "at least ... give me a break from sobbing all the time."
  • So Coolio wasn't happy about "Amish Paradise". Well, as of 2006, after what seemed like a longtime rivalry between the two, you need worry no more.
  • When Weird Al's 2014 parody, "Perform This Way" (a parody of Lady Gaga's "Born This Way"), was (initially) rejected by Gaga's manager (Lady Gaga herself would later give Al the OK to release the parody), he encouraged donations to the Human Rights Campaign as an act of "good karma," because of the original song's human rights message.
  • Al Yankovic follows many people on Twitter, but only one list: "People I Am Sleeping With", consisting of his wife Suzanne.
  • The last shot of the "Al in the Studio" documentary on "Straight Outta Lynwood", with Al's daughter Nina watching him work.
  • There's also the polkas, the best of course being "Bohemian Polka".
  • Unlike most musical parodists, Al always asks for permission from the original artist of his parodies, and has almost never made cheap shots at one. Aside from his mentions of being annoyed with Prince or Coolio, the only two songs where he mocks the quality of the artist are "It's Still Billy Joel to Me" (Billy Joel) and "Achy Breaky Song" (Billy Ray Cyrus). Al seems to regard the former as an Old Shame, as it's never been released, and the latter was so upsetting that Al donated money to the charity of Billy Ray's choice.

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