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The virus in Virus Alert is actually in the e-mail message containing the song.

So when you gave in to the song telling you to forward it on... you were actually just continuing the virus, which was real, and not a hoax. The only false detail mentioned in the song is that the virus was NOT in the "Stinky Cheese" message.

When I Was Your Age was told by multiple narrators/in the view of multiple people.

That's how the song managed to reach an end.

All of the food songs are sung by the same character; with Grapefruit Diet being the end of the series.

There was been no song about food on either Poodle Hat or Straight Outta Lynwood. The album before that, Running With Scissors, had Grapefruit Diet, about a very fat man who is going on a diet. The guy from Grapefruit Diet is the same as the guy from Fat, and all of the songs dealing with food in between. Now that he's on a diet, there probably won't be another food song.

  • Piecing this together, it seems that this character is an overweight Italian-American who can speak passable Spanish, he's a parent, and he has suffered from addictions to bologna, rocky road ice cream, potatoes, spam, and Oreo cookie filling. He may have also become a waffle industry giant. Yipe.
    • Now I want to make Fat a Rock Opera with the Waffle King as a villain. (Somehow I see Waffle King as a Villain Song of the series.) And his addiction is really more to whatever is on his plate at the moment.
      • In that case, "Eat It" should probably be a flashback song about his childhood, explaining how his parents forced him into his gluttonous lifestyle. The problem is that this postdates two significant food songs, so either the songs need to be presented out of album order or the flashback needs to be three songs in.
    • Considering Trapped in a Drive-Thru could be a food song, could he be relapsing? Or could it be placed before Grapefruit Diet? Oh and congrats on the marriage, food guy.
      • It could be that his new wife has become a moderating influence in his life, so that he can now occasionally have some fast food without becoming obese again.
    • Would Living In The Fridge be in here? If so, where?
      • That's silly. We're listing songs about food.
        • It is about food. Namely food that's been left in the fridge for so long it may have started to develop rudimentary thought processes.
    • Theme From Rocky XIII is likely discussing his friend. Maybe he met his wife there because Girls Just Want To Have Lunch.

The viewpoint character in "You Don't Love Me Anymore" is the same as the one in Bruno Mars's "Grenade".

He's a bit more savvy about her personality in "Grenade", but his feelings haven't changed, as both songs are about a guy who's hopelessly in love with a woman who is sufficiently not into him to do such things as administer beatings and tamper with his brakes, topics that come up in both songs. Everything he describes in the chorus of "Grenade" is something she's actually done to him (tossed him grenades, shot him in the head, thrown him in front of a train, etc.) And yet he is still willing to take her back, and may in fact be becoming masochistic.

Also, the piano he's pulling contains Robert Goulet's body, and he's trying to get rid of the evidence.

One Day, Al will parody one of his original songs

  • Or someone will parody one of Al's original songs.
  • Another guess is that someone will parody Al's songs as a fairly straight, non-comedic song.

The Weird Al Effect will apply to Weird Al regarding ALL music of the past few decades

INCLUDING The Beatles, Bob Dylan and other respected artists.

"Weird Al" Yankovic turned to music as therapy against an eating disorder.

Look at his songs. "Fat". "Eat It". "My Bologna". "Lasagna". "I Love Rocky Road". "Living in the Fridge". "Spam". "Addicted to Spuds". "Girls Just Want to Have Lunch". "Taco Grande". "Waffle King". "Grapefruit Diet". I posit that no other human being has ever written this many songs about food. Not to mention other things, such as the fact that he did a much-belated parody of "MacArthur Park" (which is about a cake), and "Albuquerque" is bookended with a rant about sauerkraut and has a roughly one-minute stretch where all he does is list different types of doughnuts. But hey, it seems to have worked for him; he's been thin as a rake throughout recorded history, except during parts of the "Fat" video.

  • That's because his eating disorder is/was bulimia.

One day, a Weird Al tribute album will be made with the original artists singing their parodies.

Because it would be AWESOME.

  • You have successfully made Michael Jackson's death even more tragic.
  • But "Eat It" won't be sung by Michael Jackson for...obvious reasons. It will be instead sung by the Far East Movement.
    • Neither will Kurt Cobain be able to sing "Smells Like Nirvana", but perhaps Dave Grohl and Krist Novoselic will...
      • Or The Muppets Barbershop Quartet...

Skipper Dan applies to Weird Al's life.

I'm sure when he's deep in a tour sometimes he wishes he was working a humble desk job or something more fitting to his education - something that would give him more time at home with the family. I'm not saying he regrets it - it's just even in the best jobs you have days you wish you were doing something else. He was a a grade-A student, graduated early, went to Cal Polytechnic, etc - and now he's a showman.

  • He's said before that one of his main drives to get an education was so that he would have something to fall back on if his music career didn't pan out.
    • He's also said that he went with a degree in architecture because other people told him he'd be good at it, and he's rather heavily implied he wouldn't have liked doing it for a living.

Weird Al is Pinkie Pie's father.

That's why Pinkie's always singing wacky songs... she learned them from Dad! Her Amish family was imaginary, but was heavily inspired by "Amish Paradise".

Skipper Dan is stretching the truth.

Despite what he says, his "phenomenal rave reviews" were really pretty average. He's not the worst actor who came down the pike, but he's hardly the best. He just can't stop thinking about his Glory Days, which look better to him in hindsight.

The narrator of Mr. Frump in the Iron Lung pulled the plug himself.

What Mr. Frump was saying was to kill him.

  • Or the narrator was tormenting Mr. Frump for years.
    • My take is that Mr. Frump was wanting to die, but the narrator's annoyingly sunny disposition and inability to understand his request was driving him more and more crazy.
      • If Al was playing that accordion during the visits, I can hardly blame Mr. Frump.

One day, Al's daughter Nina will follow up in her father's footsteps.

And may very be just as successful. Heck, before that, they might even do a father-daughter duet!

  • It worked with Ozzy Osbourne and his daughter...for a given value of "worked."