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Fridge Logic

  • So the nicest man in the world is going to punish an entire town based on one letter to the editor? How did he even have time to read their newspaper?
    • Know-it-all Albert declares that Santa isn't real...in a world where he not only does exist, but there's physical evidence that Santa exists, and he makes no secret of it. Albert was the only one who was acting on blind faith!
      • Father Mouse calls the North Pole on the phone to confirm why Santa is skipping Junctionville.
    • For that matter, what exactly was the point of sending the letter to the editor of the local paper? It's never explained what Albert and his friends were trying to accomplish, apart from showing off their vocabularies.
  • Clock towers are typically very complex structures and machines, yet Junctionville seemed to get one completely built in a few weeks!

Fridge Horror

  • Not so much horror, but when Albert confessed to trespassing and damaging the clock tower on Christmas Eve, you'd think Father Mouse could have roared "You mean you are responsible for damaging the clock, ruining the Clockmaker's business, impoverishing both his family and ours and cheating the town out of its one chance to curry Santa's favor and you are only coming clean NOW?!"

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