(The Customer is) Not Always Right/Nightmare Fuel

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  • The way some customers act like makes you hope you never meet them. They are that frightening.
    • The very worst ones are the customers that put themselves and other people around them in harms way. Or the ones that threaten to or actually do inflict violence on the workers.
    • Or people who are just crazy.
  • What do you think eventually happened to this guy?
  • Parents like these two examples make you fear for the kids' sake, as they quickly turn into Fridge Horror.
  • Just knowing that there are people like this guy can really make you not want to go to a golf course, of all places.
  • It's pretty scary how greed can and will completely consume people. Nothing is sacred, everything is fair game.
  • What's also scary, though maybe on a lesser scale, is how stupid some customers are. Not the ones who just make a minor obvious mistake. The ones who do and say things so dumb, you can't imagine how in the world they've survived for so long. Such as this customer, for example. What makes it especially frightening is the fact that she has three children.
  • This guy here. Let's hope he was just saying that.
  • This woman gives off some...uncomfortable implications considering that she not only believes that there are helicopters in her veins that make things stop working but the fact that things actually stop working when she touches them.