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Heroes[edit | hide | hide all]

Adele Skye Becker[edit | hide]

The protagonist and narrator of the book.

Delilah Zinnia Horton[edit | hide]

Adele's snarky and lazy (but likable) best friend.

Brooke Penn[edit | hide]

A cheerful, optimistic and compassionate animal rights activist.

Aurora Day[edit | hide]

Brooke's best friend.

Patrick Hudson[edit | hide]

Adele's BGF.

Alec Wilder[edit | hide]

Delilah's eighth-grader crush, a musician.

Villains[edit | hide]

Sophia Blank[edit | hide]

The antagonist. A mean girl.

Lyn Patterson[edit | hide]

Sophia's Dragon.

Ashton Keller[edit | hide]

The biggest bully in the school.

Minor Characters[edit | hide]

Fala Jean[edit | hide]

A love interest for Alec.

Milo Becker[edit | hide]

Adele's older brother

Mama Horton[edit | hide]

Delilah's mother

Mr. Horton[edit | hide]

Delilah's father

Piper May Horton[edit | hide]

The oldest Horton daughter.

Phoebe Cleo Horton[edit | hide]

The third-oldest Horton daughter. One year Delilah's junior.

Clara Eloise Horton[edit | hide]

The second-youngest Horton daughter.

Nicola Jane Horton[edit | hide]

The youngest Horton daughter.

  • The Ditz: She spaces out a lot. Justified as she's only 6.

Hannah Bats[edit | hide]

One of Sophia's friends. Notably kinder than both of her friends.

Holly Evers[edit | hide]

The sportiest girl in Adele's grade.

  • Has Two Daddies: She briefly mentions that she could never deal with it if one of her dads died. Her two dads aren't considered a big deal. No one even raises an eyebrow.
  • Ship Tease: Some with Patrick
  • Tomboy

Danny Mann[edit | hide]

Aurora's love interest.

  1. Alec/Delilah