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Fridge Brilliance

  • In .hack, Aura's actions throughout the various storylines seem rather random and odd: at first, she runs The World and well, although she does weird thing like, oh, Legend of the Twilight. Then in the GU/Roots storyline she gives up her position as the keystone of The World and everything falls apart, only coming back reluctantly (and even then she basically does absolutely nothing) when the real world is endangered. What's the logic behind these actions? This: Aura is growing up. In the early series, she was still a child, wanting to fulfill people's expectations of her. That's why she settled into her role as The World's "god" so readily, and also explains Legend of the Twilight: she was bored, and wanted a fun distraction from everyday stuff to entertain herself. By the time GU rolls around, she's entered the "rebellious teenager" stage, resenting her apparent purpose and saying "screw this". That's why she abandoned The World, despite the hefty consequences. I doesn't yet know what exactly she does in Link, but suspects the theme will continue. -User:Dark Hunter
    • While your theory is sound it has a huge hole. Aura is an adult by the time Twilight Braclet hits. Zefie is her daugter and Mistrial compares Aura to herslf in that they are both mothers.
    • Correct, but the theory refers more to her emotional and mental development. Her being a mother has no bearing on that because, as an AI, she was technically capable of reproducing the instant she was "born". (I don't know how an AI being a mother works anyway... doesn't that just mean she wrote Zefie's code?) Having a child is not necessarily an indication of being an adult.
  • The parody episode .hack//GIFT, is a Stealth Pun. Although it could easily have been Hilarious in Hindsight.
  • The black rose is a symbol for anarchy, "The World" is falling apart, the moderators are losing control and Black Rose (and Kite) is right there at the center of it all.
  • Fridge Brilliance: Possibly. In Arthurian Legend, "Morganna", a.k.a. Morgan Le Fay, is basically the Morrigan post-demonization after Christianity stamped out the native religions in the British Isles. Aura is repeatedly made out to be Crystal Dragon Jesus while Morganna will cease to exist when Aura takes power as the new Goddess of The World. Hmmm...

Fridge Horror

  • Fridge Horror: In the flesh-type dungeons of the original .Hack games, a form of Grunty food called the "Bloody Egg" can be harvested. It sounds as though it's in actual pain when it shouts it's name out. (All Grunty Foodstuffs do this whenever your'e close enough) And it also looks bloody as well as having an expression of sheer agony. Also, note the skeletons hanging from chains and torture equipment sitting around the dungeon's floors. If one were to muse on how these Bloody Eggs were made, well.....The clues speak for themselves.
    • And to make things a little worse, all of these eggs are alive (as alive as a computer program within a game can be).....And you're feeding them to your little Grunties so that you can raise them into adults and trade for their treasure; Just to fill your own pocketbook. Think about that.
  • Take a listen to when Kite first uses Data Drain in the Quadrillogy. Notice how he sounds like he's in a lot of pain? Given how interwoven the game and the player are, he probably IS. And now imagine him going through that every time he uses Data Drain on Data Bugs and the Eight Phases. And when using the Gate Hacking animation, you can see Kite flinch somewhat as it goes on. Meaning the Bracelet is a Dangerous Forbidden Technique to begin with as it's literally taking its toll on him, even without going into high corruption.