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  • Ensemble Darkhorse: Mistral was extremely popular, so much so that after she quits in Outbreak, she shows up again near the end of Quarantine for the final battle. Skeith, too, is far more popular than any of the other Phases.
    • In Mistral's case, part of it was her character, and part of it was that she was one of the previous few magic specialists in the game, with one of the other two being a bit of The Scrappy and the other not joining up until around the end of Mutation.
  • Most Annoying Sound: "*boing* Golden Egg! *boing* *squeak*" or any of the other grunty foods.
  • That One Boss: Skeith is ridiculously tough, in part due to being the player's first experience fighting a Phase.
    • And then after you beat him, you inadvertantly create Cubia. Oops.
    • Macha has an ability that causes everyone in your party to be confused at the same time. Enjoy helplessly watching your party attack each other.