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.kkrieger (from Krieger, or the German word for warrior) is a first-person shooter video game created by German demogroup .theprodukkt. in 2004. The goal of this game was to generate a game that was massive in size and scope while taking up a very tiny amount of space.

Given how it's basically Doom 3 level quality in a package that is only 96kb in size, it's safe to say they succeeded.

Tropes used in .kkrieger include:
  • Excuse Plot: Justified. It was a proof of concept FPS game, so aside from doing generic FPS genre stuff, there is no real plot.
  • Obvious Beta: Was released as one. Quite playable regardless, but still considered this since it's more a proof of concept than a full fledged game.
  • Procedural Generation: The file size is so low because everything in the game is created using this instead of using traditional storage methods.
  • Tech Demo Game: The goal was to make a game that was modern (as of 2004) while still taking up a very small amount of HDD space, done on purpose by its developers to prove it was possible.