07-Ghost Abridged

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"Oh, look at the cute little Bishounen boy knocking on the glass. I wish I knew what he was saying."
Captain Aizen Ayanami, 07-Ghost Abridged

With at least four episodes released and many "tag videos" (a Youtube phenomenon, in which you state in a video five random facts about yourself, and then tag five other Youtube users to do the same), 07-Ghost Abridged was created for Hbi2k's PassGAS contest. For more info, check out the Abridged Series Wiki here.

Credits for 07-Ghost Abridged featured here: Opening Theme: "Sakura Kiss"/Kawabe Chieko (episode 1 only), "Phenomenon"/Thousand Foot Krutch Script: CanadianJutsu, MidnightDevont. Editing: MidnightDevont Mixing Assistance: Semisoma1, Zeromaster Cast: CanadianJutsu, FullmetalChao, LadyAbhorsen, MidnightDevont, Scarlotte, Vivimage2000, WhipOfAlchemy.

Tropes used in 07-Ghost Abridged include:

Sister Athena: (referring to Zehel) ...he's the Guardian of our church. He's also said to be one of the seven ghosts that represent the virtues of each continent on the planet.
Teito: So.......he's a sailor scout.

Frau: Kor no swiping, Kor no swiping, Kor no swiping!
Kor: Aw man!

Just to be fair, there is yet another 07-Ghost abridged series featured on Youtube (not counting another one mainly acting as a further abridging of 07-Ghost Abridged featured above, which is already abridged as it is). The one I'm mentioning is made solely by MidnightReverie91. It's only one episode long, opening with "Masquerade" by Caedmon's Call, and separated into three parts; Another episode was supposed to be released around April or May 2010 with a different opening. However, as of April 2016, it has yet to be made.