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10.5 is a Made for TV Movie Miniseries for NBC Disaster Movie about a series of increasingly damaging geological events first on the West Coast of the United States and then into the Midwest.

The two-part miniseries opens up when a large quake strikes the Seattle area and brings down the Space Needle. Later a bigger quake devours a train and catches some suspicions from our resident Ignored Expert scientist Kim Delaney. She suspects the quakes are only going to get bigger and will eventually sink the entirety of the West Coast. She plans to counter said problem by detonating nukes at precise locations to stop the fault.

It spawned a second part titled 10.5:Apocalypse which took the audacity of the first movie and took it Up to Eleven.

Now say the mantra again and again until you finally regain your faith in humanity.

Tropes used in 10.5 include: