100 Deeds for Eddie McDowd/Headscratchers

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  • Why is Eddie's face not shown when he is human in the first episode?
    • More suspense to wanting him to be reverted.
  • Two things have always bugged me about this series. One, according to the Drifter in that episode where Eddie helps a girl dog he has a crush on complete her deeds, Eddie's parents have completely forgotten about him. And this isn't apparently some magical thing, either, because that girl gets to go back to hers when she turns human. Is Eddie Squee's older brother or something?
    • It could be that the parents forget about the kid while he's a dog, but when he's turned back, they remember again.
  • The second is the pound episode, where it is revealed that dog tags can protect you against toxic gases. And conveniently, pounds leave these lying around inside of the chambers that they flood with gas to kill the dogs.

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