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  • Anvilicious: While the TV series has An Aesop in most episodes, they never jammed them into your head. The episode "Smoke Detectors"[1], on the other hand, falls right under this.
  • Moment of Awesome: The TV series had its fair share, but one in particular from the episode "Full Metal Pullet" has Spot being the only member of Lucky's group standing up to Lt. Pug after she was Picked Last out of everyone.
  • Villain Decay: Cruella in the TV series, who is still a greedy criminal who hates dogs but is more of a conniving cartoonish villain than the nasty piece of work she was in the films. Also, even after the events of the film (which presumably are still part of this canon in some form), nobody else seems to hate her as much as they should (except Roger).
    • Moral Guardians were likely opposed to the idea of vicious murder on kids' cartoon series.

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  1. The pups have to try and get Cruella to stop smoking so she can move back to her house instead of living with them because the fire from her cigarettes burnt down parts of her house from smoking and sleeping at the same time