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  • Why is the English Teacher Mr. Morgan such a Jerkass to Kat?
    • He's short-tempered and, in fairness, she's rather pretentious at points.
    • This troper got the impression that he wasn't very fond of his students in general, and the implication was that Kate had been soapboxing in his class for a while, all while he himself had an ax to grind on the race aspect of their readings (as opposed to Kate always talking about the feminist issues).
    • Not to mention that Kat, let's be fair, isn't the most ingratiating person herself either.
  • How did Bianca and Chastity, who had never rehearsed together, do a fully choreographed duet? I mean, I know they were doing the same song, but they weren't doing the same dance. And why did the school just let them randomly change their routines?