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The series is a parable about the difference between wanton pleasure seeking and true freedom

The series leaves a lot of room for interpretation, so a lot of this is my own guesses. The series begins when he meets Shark, but this isn't the first time they have meet. In fact Fitz has been wandering around a for an unknown length of time, generally being an amoral pleasure seeker. How ever, this cycle Fitz begins breaking the masquerade. Slowly, Fitz comes to care more about things and in the end stops believing his probably illusionary wife and daughter and is more motivated by caring for his only constant companion, Skillet. This process destroys the control of the increasingly decadent Shark and Rectangular Business Man, who represent the Military and Industrial complexes respectively, which represents their inability to control the Older and Wiser Fitz.

The series is a later season of Big O

Every reset of Paradigm City degrades it a little, making it less realistic. Over dozens of resets, tomatoes became corndogs, Big O became Corndroid, and humans became whatever the heck the Twelve Ounce Mouse characters are. It all ends in another reset, but with hints that this time Roger/Fitz has learned how to break the cycle or at least alter it.

Amalockh's Breakdance of Death nullified Shark's and Liquor's bulletproofing.

The order of events gets muddy due to the non-linear episode order, but both Shark and Liquor were demonstrably bulletproof before the Breakdance. Afterwards, Shark was killed by a barrage of bullets and Liquor was afraid of Robogirl's guns ("I'm boned.").