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Fridge Horror

  • So how were the staff able to clean the room, and the police document all the suicides? Surely all that must take more than one hour.
    • Olin does explain that he strictly supervises the cleanings with the door open and makes sure that nobody's in there for too long. Presumably he followed a similar procedure for the police.
  • Mike hears that nobody has been able to remain in the room even an hour, with times to suicide ranging from a few seconds to a few minutes. However, after we learn how the room works, one realizes that those brief times were only in the beginning of the latest loop. We don't know how many loops they'd endured up till then.
    • With that in mind, now think about the "natural deaths" that also occured in that room...
  • Given the room's evil and macabre sense of humor, how likely is it that the "express checkout" is Schmuck Bait, and suicide would lead to being trapped like the ghosts we see in the room?
  • What if the ending is simply Mike trapped in yet another loop?