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  • The scene where he finds the new chocolates on the pillows he had just been sitting on and then fails to come up with an explanation as to how it occurred.
  • Samuel L. Jackson tries to bribe Mike with a bottle of eight hundred dollar liquor to get him to not stay in the room. Mike accepts, takes a sip and...

Mike: I'm still staying in that room.
Olin: Goddammit to hell!

  • Mike screams "WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME?!" into his minifridge.
  • Mike being shocked by the prices of the stuff in the minifridge.

"Eight dollars for beer nuts? This room is evil."

  • The following exchange between Olin and Mike:

Olin: So you don't smoke...do you drink?
Mike: Of course, I just said I was a writer.

  • In the original novel, the menu sequence begins like this.
  • After Mike furiously scrambles out of the air vent trying to escape from whatever was crawling around in there and slams onto the floor, he says "It's good to be back."
  • "Let's Encyclopedia Brown this bitch."