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  • After Enslin receives the ominous "Don't enter 1408" postcard, it's never brought up again, not even with Mr. Olin. What would he have had to say if Enslin had shown it to him?
  • If Olin really wanted to keep anyone from ever using the room why didn't he just have the windows and door carefully covered up? Heck, if he really wanted to keep Enslin out why didn't he simply claim that the room was undergoing renovations? It's not as though the law states that the hotel has to provide that specific room on demand.
    • Actually it does. This is made a big point of in both story and movie. (The logic remains for sealing it off. The renovations answer would quickly break down for someone as determined as Mike, though.)
      • In the story, Olin explains that the owners don't believe the room is evil and would fire him if he tried to seal off the room.
    • Possible Fridge Brilliance: What if they tried that, and it didn't work?