1408/Nightmare Fuel

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  • Absolutely everything that happens in room 1408.
    • "As you are, I was. And as I am, you will be."
    • When the room directory changes to show the hotel completely blacked out except for 1408.
    • "Five. This is five. Ignore the sirens. Even if you leave this room, you can never leave this room..."
    • That... fucking... phone. And the clock radio.
    • We've only just begun to live . . .
    • To say nothing of when it hijacks his video chat with his ex to get her to come up to the room so she'll die too.
    • For Enslin, in the story, he's so traumatized that he disconnected all the phones in his house and has to sleep with a nightlight. After an experience like that, you can't blame him.
      • "Even if you leave this room you can never leave this room"
    • One of the alternate endings on the blu-ray has Mike's editor receiving the manuscript he wrote --though God only knows how he got it-- and reading it. Quotes from the movie begin to play, looping and overlapping each other, including a few from that delightful phone (including one that didn't happen in the movie--"Your daughter is being eaten by wolves on the Connecticut turnpike") as the camera slowly backs away from the editor...through the now-inexplicably empty office. The doors swing shut accompanied by "As I am...", and the movie cuts to black just before "...you will be." -shiver-
    • In the original short story, the menu sequence.
      • Also missing from the film (and related): "My brother was killed by wolves on the Connecticut Turnpike..."
    • The creature in the vents.
    • The Reveal that at the end of the hour, Enslin gets to look forward to experiencing it again. And again. And again...
  • The very Adult Fear of watching your child slowly dying from a horrible illness. Full stop.