1983: Doomsday Stories/Tear Jerker

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  • Tear Jerker: A lot of the fics have their moments, but Death of a Nation is notable for being one long tearjerker.
    • Austria's internal breakdown in A Wasteland Melody and A Symphony for a New World could also qualify, all while staying in character. Especially once bits and pieces start breaking through his facade.
      • A Wasteland Memorial, which is set in the AU's future, could also count. Especially since it shows him starting to go through the same fate as England did in Death of a Nation.
    • An Ocean of Flame Above is essentially a long, drawn out death scene involving Hungary's last days.
  • Switzerland's Genre Savvy knowledge of World War III take on a different tone when he realizes early on that Hungary really had no chance of surviving Doomsday. This in turn drives some of his seemingly Jerkass actions to Austria in an attempt to keep him from persisting in what he thought to be a pointless search. It's strongly hinted however that it didn't work.
  • The Last Minutes to Midnight alternates between this and Nightmare Fuel. Whether it's America's unspoken fears, Russia's realization of who really fired the first shot of Doomsday, or Austria's meeting with Hungary that would never come, the reader knows it wouldn't end well for anybody.