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1visualFXguy has moments that can make us laugh, cry, and get scared, but it also has occasional sweet moments.

  • Kate whispering "I love you" to Humphrey in ALF and Omega, I know it was supposed to a Family Guy reference but a surprisingly heartwarming one at that.
  • The line about Jesus in "Beard Song".
  • The Beast Boy loves Raven scene in "Tween Titans" is a bittersweet moment.
  • The fact that the Brightcarnage poop was made to show much Matt loves his cousin and his YouTube channel.
  • In fact the whole Rob Ross series shows love for Matt's cousin.
  • The description for Rooster a puppy really shows how good of a dog Rooster is.
  • The picture of Mary, Joseph, and baby Jesus in "Family Christmas".
  • The sweet Doodle Toons image at the end of Animusic Video that reads "I love you Mom, happy birthday!".
  • The Adventures of Lakota the Dog, especially for dog lovers.
  • The credits in Wagon Wheel Remake.
  • Also in Beard Song, the line about Jim Henson shows how big of a Muppet fan Matt is.